The women that work many hours take more in be is pregnant

These are the results of the last study that analyzes a new cause of infertility: work overload.

We know that age and life habits are important in achieving a pregnancy. A new study goes beyond and has analyzed the influence of the work on the female fertility, revealing that women with more than 8 hours take longer to become pregnant. Researchers, from the school of public health at Harvard (US), conducted a follow-up on 1.739 nurses who were seeking to become mothers. The results showed that those who worked more than 40 hours a week were 20 percent less likely to become pregnant with respect to which worked between 21 and 40 hours. In addition, women who lifted regularly loads also took longer to become pregnant. “He work heavy, both in terms of effort physical as in hours labour, could have an impact negative in them possibilities of stay is pregnant”, explains Audrey Gaskins, an of them authors of the research, that is published in the magazine Occupational and Environmental Medicine.


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