While other people are bad mouthing Tijuana´s reputation, we are here, like always working hard and taking care of business

As surging news of growing tension surrounding a possible shut down at the border crossing between U.S. – Mexico some of our patients have expressed concern about being caught in the middle of a difficult situation because of border shutdown. Tijuana has been established for decades as one of the most traveled places for medical tourism, we have been distinguished with this honor because of our first class medical experiences, designed and crafted by the best doctors in Tijuana´s medical community.

We understand the concerns our patients and visitors have, this is why we would like to take this moment to remind you that all of our team of experts is ready to assist you as usual, we know that news surrounding Tijuana, Baja California has been sensationalized. We would like to remind you that Tijuana is a safe and secure city, we are a hard working community dedicated for decades to providing ethical and certified medical services at affordable prices.

We hope to continue to be able to provide high quality, first class medical experiences to our patients and friends that cross the border to visit us, we are grateful for the respectful relationship that we have built over years.


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