B.T. Mother of André.

Giving life to a human being who is the extension of you and becomes your greatest love is something simply wonderful, yearning and not being able to get it is difficult and discouraging.

I still remember my first appointment with Dr. Walters, a serious and professional man, with a nice environment and friendly and knowledgeable staff, at the time I was 27 years old, no child or pregnancy in my way, but I firmly Conviction that my husband and I wanted to be parents.

We decided to try, but my story was not easy, I had 1 year trying to get pregnant without success and my diagnosis was endometriosis grade IV, my only way to get it was through IVF.

However, it seemed that life was insisting that I did not get my longed-for dream, because for 2 years we made 4 attempts, all negative, pass through different moods, optimism, fear, anguish, sadness, I still remember asking Dr. Walters after each negative result. What were we going to do? And I will never forget his answers: get pregnant! It is worth noting that I have always relied on the capacity and professionalism that characterized the Dr., who was always on the lookout for all my process, answering my concerns whenever I was, giving me a somewhat familiar treatment.

Well, we made the fifth attempt, and the result so coveted finally arrived, my eyes could see a positive pregnancy test and 9 months after my son was born, who today is my life and complement, who is in this world thanks to the Science, the ability of a team of professionals that I trusted and today I am infinitely grateful.

I wish with all my heart that you, who today are reading my testimony, reach your dream, do not hesitate to fight for what you most long for, the result is worth it the time and money invested it is too, and when you feel that you can’t anymore, when you are exhausted about hospital visits and negative tests, think of that sweet voice that will call you: Mom.

S&R and our daughter Sofía.

To feel so much love for a person who is not yet with us and only in our dreams, is a feeling so strong and intensely real; Is to close your eyes and meet that soul of that little baby in front of you, who greets you: “hello mom, hello dad, I want to be with you”.

That encounter for many people is spontaneous or planned as a goal that they achieve without any problems, however, to others like us we had very hard tests that change the way you see life; But with help and strength, heal your wounds and keep fighting, God puts in your way the best people who will join to achieve that encounter with this little person wanted and expected. Our journey started in 2013 after the recommendation of Dr. Fabián Walters by a friend. The support, attention and dedication of Dr. Walters and his team is extraordinary. The treatment received by him and his team make you feel special, important and supported. In our first pregnancy, I developed preeclampsia at a very early stage and our beautiful Victoria was with us a small but important period. After the medical recommendation and still had 2 frozen embryos we opted for surrogacy. With support from my sister we started this way in early 2016 and thank God, we met our princess in February of this year. 2015 was the most painful year yet important in our lives. That year God gave us the opportunity to experience the love and solidarity of certain people, including Dr. Walters. He is sensitive to the patient’s pain.

I am happy to have my husband, the best team, my sister, family, doctors (especially Dr. Fabián Walters), lawyers, friends and so many people who helped us to see our beautiful eyes Baby and say “hello beautiful, we love you and we’re together!”

We will always be grateful to the person who thanks to his knowledge allowed us to fulfill our dream of having a family.

D & G.

After 3 years trying to get pregnant and 2 loses, we were giving up because of the pain and suffering always expecting a positive result that only occurred for a few weeks. We decided for the last time to treat at FERTILITE CENTER ASSISTED REPRODUCTION. It was a heavy route because we were coming from another city to see Dr. Walters. There were several trips and hours of anguish not knowing what would happen at the end. After months of preparation and treatment, we can say that all the effort and dedication was rewarded to see the birth and to have our little angel in our arms. Dr. Fabian Walters and his team were very attentive, understanding and with their experience they helped us to fulfill our dream of being parents. We thank you all.


After a little more than two years trying to get pregnant naturally and without success, we arrived at Dr. Walters’ office. His treatment from the first day was very friendly and very professional. We explained our case, very attentively listened and gave us his diagnosis and recommendations. The doctor was always very clear and objective and human to explain the possibilities we had if we decided for an IVF. After evaluating the proposal my husband and I decided to try the treatment. Throughout the process, Dr. Walters displayed his professionalism and extensive knowledge of infertility. Her entire team, which includes Dr. Navar, is very friendly, professional and with a high sense of respect for each person’s every time. I loved that in our case the first attempt of IVF was successful, when the miracle of the pregnancy was confirmed was an immense happiness for us, indescribable. Fortunately, the whole pregnancy progressed normal, we had no problem. When we had questions, or doubts we had Dr. Walters, always attentive and willing to support us, no matter what day or time. That was crucial to me in the whole process; Knowing that I had my doctor always and all the time, gave me a lot of confidence and tranquility.

Now our daughter is 4 months old and we are very grateful to Dr. Walters and all his team. All of them are very professional and very friendly, attentive always, we always feel like family and this makes the difference.

Thank you, Dr. Walters!!


“No… you cannot have children”… that said a specialist in laparoscopy and I said to myself: A man is not going to decide if I can or not… God will decide. I did quote in all fertility clinics in Tj and said… that God guide me and the first who I will be. I met Dr. Walters and the first time I went… saw a follicle ready to release a fecundable egg… so that’s “Not…”… began to fade. Dr. Walters I gave treatment… and trying to only 2 times… in the 2nd hit! I did everything what the Dr. said… and faith definitely achieved the long-awaited pregnancy and as well said Dr. and until today I understand… “from a positive to a baby in arms there is long way to go”… we toured under the care of Dr. Walters and our dream came true today… our dream already walks and says : MOM and dad!.

K. B. and N.K.

We enlisted the help of Dr. Walters because we want the children to appear in our lives. Having passed all the necessary inspections and tests, the doctor recommended us IVF program. Sperm were active in small amounts, and the chances of fertilization were naturally low.
When the long-awaited pregnancy is our happiness a fortunately there were no borders the first ultrasound the doctor Walters told us that we had twins. It was a magic to bring to life

Pregnancy was fine. If we have questions or are any problems we can always contact our doctor Walters at any time, he was ready to help.

Delivery was in the clinic Los Angeles, my husband and I were excited and waiting for this day. Were together on the operation and saw the birth of our children.
Thanks a lot Dr. Walters and medical clinics Los Angeles to the knowledge experience, attention we are the parents of two wonderful children. Have made our lives a full and happy.

Innes y Lionel

After 5 years dealing with specialists in United States my husband and I decided a last attempt. During the first appointment with Dr. Fabian we’re happy if professionalism and extensive knowledge of infertility. I had three in-vitro and everyone becomes pregnant by natural reasons up to the third were born two healthy twin boys.

We are eternally grateful for this miracle. Thanks to their dedication and team of doctors including Dr. Edith Navar and Dr. José Juan Hernández Ledezma. Their attention, support and understanding did the deference that is giving us the opportunity to be a father.

Thank you for give you options to couples like us with problems of infertility.

Araceli Eligio

We wanted to thank you for that help us to fulfill our dreams of being parents. To give a background history, I saw different doctors for many years in Los Angeles, and they could not help me. Recommendations only I received from them was receiving medication after medication and nothing positive has happened in until contacted you in 2013. I loved to attend meetings because I knew that you were going to tell me the results of the analysis of blood or during the ultrasound. Our lives changed on August 16, 2013 because the Invitro was time and was a success. It was the happiest woman on Earth, I felt a mother, and my life and my husband’s life would change. Thank God everything went well during my 8 months of pregnancy. I had twins, a boy (Dean) and a girl (Keilah). They are our world, our eyes and our hearts, we will do everything for them. I can not thank you for helping us to get pregnant. Continuing to help other partners in achieving their dreams.
He also mentioned that the staff was wonderful also. They also answered our e-mails within 24-72 hours or give us a call. The ladies were very nice and always had a smile on his face.

Thank you once again, all to achieve our goal to have 2 beautiful babies.


We want to share our history waiting to give hope and security to couples who are seeking to become parents and have so far failed. We must not lose hope even in cases that seem impossible, I always say to my friends is just a matter of being in the right hands. My husband was diagnosed with Cancer we were newlyweds but before beginning your treatment of radiation and chemo I leave some Material so that in the future we could have a son. Once all your Cancer Treatment term successfully decided that it was time to have a baby. We had just a little bit of Material and it was not of very good quality. We are led by a magazine advertising and went to consult a Dr in the field of infertility that apparently did not put us much attention since I realized not the condition of my husband that we didn’t have enough material to have more than 1 or 2 attempts. I performed a same artificial insemination which did not work due to the bad quality of the material of my husband. However this attempt I use 70% of the material we had. No we just had an attempt. It was a great disappointment for me because I thought that already do not serve anything because it wasn’t enough. I was about to pull the little material that we had. My husband saw my depression and decided to consult his friend urologist which we spoke with Dr Fabian Walters. The truth I was going since it already did not trust the doctors. However my husband insisted. We went to see it, I listen carefully to our case and it gave me hope, porto is very accessible and made us feel confidence in addition to us out of all the questions we had. So we decided to try it even knowing that we only had one chance and a very small hope. I had an artificial insemination Icsi and the entire process was always attended with an excellent treatment and service.

Thank God and Dr. Walters treatment was successful and we had a beautiful little girl who is now a year and a half. We are very happy and grateful indeed for a chance to be parents. I sometimes wonder what had happened and we had not given us the opportunity to inform us that he had passed and because of my frustration with not having success and that someone is not really interested in our case and we had pulled the sperm. Without a doubt, my daughter would not be with us. So don’t let that fear and doubts stolen which could be a blessing to have your baby.

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