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The latest and most innovative healthcare solutions for Your reproductive problems

  • Expertise in reproductive healthcare and treatment for all factors affecting women and men
  • Excelent results from all advanced Fertility technologies
  • Personalized, in-depth patient care from compassionate, concerned medical staff
  • State-of-art diagnosis and blanced treatment plans for optimal outcomes
  • Comprehensive analysis to diagnose and prevent repeated pregnancy loss
  • Patient-centered care
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Has a strong commitment to providing full-service infertility and reproductive endocrine healthcare with a focus on patient-centered, compassionate care. Our practice was founded on the philosophy that patients seeking infertility treatment should be handled as individuals; and treatment plans should be specific and developed to provide results as quickly, safely and inexpensively as possible.

In order to provide the personalized, high-quality care for which we are well known, we spend hours with our patients and their partners
devoting attention to each of the following steps in the treatment process:

1. Correctly identify and diagnose the problem(s).
2. Develop a partnership with each patient and her spouse or partner, and the referring physician
3. Outline medical or surgical options
4. Initiate a cost-effective treatment plan that combines the highest quality of care with the best possible outcome


At FERTILITE, we understand the personal and sensitive nature of the work we do and for that reason we work hard to protect our patients’ privacy. We do not release medical records or any portion of them without written authorization from the patient.


Our main office, located at Torre Médica del Hospital Ángeles 911, Paseo de los Héroes 10999 Zona Río, Tijuana, BC CP.22010 Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We try to be flexible for situations when it may be necessary to see patients beyond regular office hours. Saturday and Sunday morning appointments are available for ultrasound monitoring, insemination, egg retrievals and embryo transfers only.


The best patient is the well-informed one. We value an open and ethical relationship with our patients who, in an environment of trust and mutual respect, feel free to ask questions at any time. We promise to try answer all the questions asked — and even those that aren’t. It’s the only way to build partnerships with every patient, their spouse or partner, and the referring physician. As a team, we all work together to achieve the best possible outcome.

Financial Matters. Payment for medical, lab and diagnostic services provided in the office is due at the time of service. Your receipt for payment will contain the standard diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment codes as determined by your FERTILITE physician.



You may call our Tijuana-Ensenada office the US line 619-586-0339 or our MX line 011-52-664-635-1854 or for our Mexicali office 011-52-686-554-5189 or 011-521-686-157-1649. Our staff conducts a preliminary telephone interview to assure that we are adequately prepared for the appointment. We try to see patients with urgent medical or surgical conditions as quickly as possible.


Once the appointment is scheduled, our staff sends the patient a welcome packet with detailed information about FERTILITE. The packet also includes authorizations for release of medical information and a new patient questionnaire for both partners to complete and bring to the initial appointment.


Before the appointment, the patient must take the authorization for release of medical information to her prior physician(s) and hospital(s) and obtain copies of relevant medical records. In addition, patients should obtain copies of surgical notes and videotapes, actual (not copies, not reports) X-ray films (must be obtained from the hospital and will not be sent by your physician) and copies of laboratory tests. Do not rely on your physician mailing or faxing your medical records or sending your X-ray films. Obtaining films and medical records is your responsibility. Failure to bring these at the time of your visit will prolong your evaluation and may delay your treatment.

Infertility evaluations require a spouse or partner to sign a separate authorization to release medical information to obtain copies of his records and semen analysis reports. All medical information should be delivered to FERTILITE for our physicians to review before your first appointment. For a comprehensive fertility assessment, both partners should be present at the first appointment. This evaluation usually requires one to two hours. The cost for an initial office visit depends on the type of testing necessary to establish a diagnosis for each couple and is generally in the range of $60.00 (US). If you are not prepared for this expense at the time of your visit, you should let us know immediately so that additional testing can be postponed.


At FERTILITE, we believe that open communication between the patient and the medical team is essential. All members of the IVF team can be reached by calling our office phone number. Following are email addresses for staff members you may need to contact during your treatment cycle:

Medical / IVF Laboratory Staff:

Fabian Walters Arballo,
MD Medical Director

Edith Navar Vizcarra,

Jose J Hernandez,
PhD Laboratory Director

Mary Ruiz,
QFB Laboratory Supervisor

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