ERA testing

ERA testing

ERA testing, a window of opportunity to your dreams of becoming a parent

Infertility can be a different experience for both man and woman. Each one experiments all the different roller coaster of emotions and expresses or displays them in unique ways. Both of them go through anxiety and frustration, and even depression when their attempts to conceive go yet another month unsuccessful.

Many couples that have been trying IVF for months or a year, go through heartache and frustration as well as their medical specialist. Some patients undergo three or more rounds of IVF before calling it quits on their dream of becoming a parent.

Repeated implantation Failure (RIP) can be devastating, patients can go through this procedure with embryo transfers, everything can go seemingly well but simply the embryo will not stick successfully, ending in great frustration.

What could be preventing Implantation?

We must remember that implantation is one of the most crucial stages in establishing the pregnancy. Successful embryo implantation depends on interactions between the embryo and the uterus.

Many factor can possibly be related to causing implantation to be unsuccessful. Most of them can be found under the following categories.

  • Genetic abnormalities: Problems related with the embryos, and or with sperm. Embryos are checked for chromosomal abnormalities before being implanted. This can improve the implantation rate. Other highly effective options with this type of problem is using donor eggs.
  • Uterus reception problems: Is the failure to implantation is not related to any genetic reason. Testing will be focused on issues regarding receptivity of the uterus.

Endometrial lining is a special tissue in the uterus where embryos implant. This tissue is highly dynamic and has the capacity to undergo physiological changes.

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Traditionally this issues were assessed by ultrasound, until recently. Now a day, fertility specialists have more resources that can help diagnose with great precision where the problem of conception lies. New test and technology are constantly being developed helping fertility specialists provide more patients with resources that helps them achieve their dream of getting pregnant.

One of these test is ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array), it`s a genetic test that evaluates the expression of genes to evaluate whether the endometrial lining is properly developed to accept an embryo. This helps prevent and avoid implantation failure by establishing the best time for embryo transfer.

The goal of this test is to find if there is any alteration on this period of receptivity known as “window of implantation” (WOI). The intention is to adjust the timing of medications that will aid in the goal of a successful pregnancy.


ERA test or endometrial receptivity is one of these new development, which is providing new hope to patients coping with implantation failure.

This test is used to diagnose the state of endometrial receptivity in the window of implantation in women. ERA test indicates the window of implantation increasing your chances of a successful embryo transfer. Every woman has a “window of implantation” in her cycle. This cycle generally occurs in 84% of women in an estimated date. But around 16% of women have a different window that can occur earlier or later than expected. Making embryo transfer and implantation a devastating process for all of the involved.

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