How combining IVF and PGS are most likely to help you succeed at becoming pregnant

FERTILITE CENTER is dedicated to providing premium fertility healthcare services that centers in the couple’s special needs and requirements while trying to conceive.

Countless testimonies from our former patients speak of the satisfaction they encountered after seeking our medical expertise. Our patients select us because of our high qualifications, innovative procedures and not to mention our warm and friendly approach while treating patients with infertility issues.

At FERTILITE, IVF which is one of the most common and highly-successful Assisted Reproductive Technology is utilized to help women overcome conception difficulties. This technique consists in the removal of eggs from the ovary, their fertilization in the laboratory and subsequent placement of embryos in the uterus. Most commonly, the ovaries are stimulated, so that multiple eggs are available at the time of retrieval. IVF technique is also combined with PGS technique, which is a laboratory technique used to evaluate embryos before they are transferred back into the uterus, these techniques assist in the selection of the embryo that is most likely to result in the establishment of a healthy and successful pregnancy and baby.

At Fertilite, our team of experts are ready when you are!


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